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Darky ROM with HOME button on T959D (Galaxy S Fascinate)

Hey! If you’ve installed the Darky Rom 10.2 (or 10.3) on your T959D phone (Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate), and you are missing the HOME and SEARCH key here is how to get them working : Install Darky ROM 10.2 Download the latest Odin 3  (I used Odin3 v1.85) * Start Odin Download DarkyROM_10.2_Resurrection.zip Extract the [...]

Search within pdf files using grep

Put this code snippet into a script named greppdf into your path : 1234567891011#!/bin/bash for PDF in *.pdf do     NB_PAGES=`pdfinfo "$PDF" |grep "Pages" |cut -f 2 -d ":"`     for (( PAGE=1; PAGE<=$NB_PAGES; PAGE++ ))     do           pdftotext "$PDF" -f $PAGE -l $PAGE – | grep [...]

Apache virtual host using a symlink to home directory

Forbidden : You don’t have the permission to access / on this server. If you see this error message, then perhaps you’re trying to use an Apache virtual host that’s located somewhere in your home directory? Well this could be because Apache doesn’t have the permissions to traverse the directory, and this post explains how [...]

Howdy! Finally switched to WordPress!

I finally made it! Special thanks to Dave Murphy and Jacius for their instructions on migrating from Mephisto to WordPress. Now, I’ll be able to catchup with some articles!! Stay tuned!

Welcome to my blog

Here are my experiments, thoughts, and fun with the World Wide Web. Hope you enjoy!